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NEW Goblins @ "The Nut"!


Sergio Walter, from Argentina creates these Goblins using cold porcelain, recycled & organic materials. His mission is to bring these magical beings to life and rescue these stories.

Elves are elemental beings of the earth, their ancient stories are told around the world, they are mainly related to nature. It is said that they take care of homes, plants and children. They usually leave representative offerings such as money to bring abundance or stones and incense for good energies and sweets for the protection of children. In Latin American countries, their popular stories were transmitted orally through time, allowing us to rescue this magical ancient mythology. Magical beings such as the Coquena, the goblin of the highlands in northern Argentina, or the Pompero of the coast, the Ukumare in the Bolivian jungle, the Muki of the mines of Peru, and the Tintin on the Ecuadorian coast, are still legends in the memory of our grandparents.

These Goblins are a MUST SEE! Each item is hand-crafted by Sergio. No two items are alike!

Choose from figurines or incense burners!

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